Nice to see: Classic Porsches cross South America!

Nice to see: Classic Porsches cross South America!

Remember Tuner? Kalmar Automotive? The Danish company manufactures, tunes and improves all kinds of Porsche models. But founder John Culmer organizes real trips at the wheel of specially made vehicles!

11,000 km across South America

Indeed, at the end of October, a series of Porsche models produced by Kalmar Automotive left Lima, Peru for Ushuaia, Argentina. About 11,000 km journey through South America. It resulted in spectacular images!

All possible Porsche models As you can imagine

All generations of the Porsche Cayenne and 911 had fun on sandy, muddy and rocky South American roads. We are happy to thank Kalmar Automotive for the published photos. Maybe something for future owners Porsche 911 Dakar Want to get ideas for their next trip?

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Photos ©: Facebook Kalmar Automotive.

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