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(Column) Everything and everyone is leaking these days. We of course know the good use of leaking Cabinet plans before the third Tuesday of September. Internationally, we now have pipelines suddenly leaking in the Baltic Sea, potentially leaking nuclear power plants in Ukraine and of course Italy, where the right leaks to the top. The UK, thanks to Truss, is leaking pounds to the already wealthy. They seem to be leaking it, according to a system unknown to me, for those who need it.

Nationwide, Internet experts have discovered security holes on the site where the VVD can choose a new party leader. They can access confidential information and voter IP addresses have also been shared with Google. Despite these leaks, the VVD maintained confidence in the vote. Shoot me.

The natural gas leak in Groningen into our economy led to earthquakes. Recently I heard a landslide proposal: Give every homeowner in Groningen a million, then we’ll start digging again, they are happy, government funding is happy, families are happy. It seems easy to get out. Leak upstairs.

And the biggest leak, of course, is Ajax’s defense…

Ted and Raven

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