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Niantic has introduced Campfire, a companion app for Pokémon Go, Ingress, and other games from the developer. The app allows players to communicate with each other, organize encounters, and discover new in-game content.

When the app is opened, users are presented with a map showing their surroundings. On that map you will According to Niantic In-game events, as well as recent or current activities from other nearby players. In the upper right are the various Niantic games and when the user clicks on one of the game icons, he only sees the events of that title. Through these buttons, you can also see the channels for the game.

Niantic has also built a community feature into the app. Official communities with a specific title, as well as local communities can be found in the player’s environment. Players can also join a community and organize events through this hub. Players who know each other can become friends through the app and chat with each other using the built-in chat feature. They can share their locations and photos. Sharing location data is optional and will turn off automatically after an hour.

Niantic will roll out the app worldwide in the coming weeks. The company states that the app will only be available to a small group of Pokémon Go players during the summer. More games and more players will follow later.

Niantic Campfire App
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