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Neymar is an idiot, with his support for Bolsonaro, but what a player at the same time

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8 for Neymar

As this is primarily a pillar of football, I would not judge Neymar based on his political affiliation, although he has expressed support for the far-right Bolsonaro, the president who we hope will not be re-elected on Sunday. He erred greatly in his policy on COVID-19, which has killed 600,000 people. On Thursday, Neymar announced his support on Tiktok, so the footballer knew very well what he was doing with the elections to be held three days later. It’s a rod but what a player at the same time. He was rarely in great shape, unsurprisingly with the World Cup approaching. The footballers account will be in good shape in Qatar. Suddenly we hear nothing about Neymar’s sister’s birthday. Brazil is highly preferred. They have only lost to Argentina twice in the past three years. Messi’s team has not lost for three years and is therefore a bigger candidate, although Brazil has the best players. At the back is Marquinhos and Silva, a central midfield with Casemiro and the great Paqueta and in front, with the exception of Neymar, Vinicius and Richarlison. Antony’s value may be one hundred million, for example, he sees before him Jesus, Firmino and Ravenha. Argentina is older, but Messi is so eager to take on Maradona that the Argentine world title is out of reach. We’ve seen enough European matches this week to see that there are quite a few top levels on this continent. Portugal have a great squad but for some reason they want to continue to draft Ronaldo, which is a major obstacle to the title. Spain has the cutting edge of Torres, Morata and Sarabia, a nice list of shortcomings.

Neymar.  AFP photo

Neymar.AFP photo

9 – Louis van Gaal

Given all those mediocre matches this week on the European continent, the conclusion is justified that Holland lag behind some teams in terms of talent, but we have the best coach and I also include South America. A word of warning for Senegal: They have two talented young players named Sarr, winger striker, Ay Sar and a midfielder since June at Tottenham, Prime Minister Sarr, but yes, Conte. He hasn’t given him any time to play yet. One of the best goalkeepers, Mendy, Nedjma Coulibaly and Mane. They won the African Cup of boring football and few goals. Really strong team. I’m not going to equalize in the opening match because it’s a huge disappointment. Countries like Argentina, Brazil and France depend on the shape of the big players, and with us the deciding factor is sitting on the sofa and the notebook on his knees.

Louis van Gaal.  Professional snapshot photo / Stefan Cobbs

Louis van Gaal.Professional snapshot photo / Stefan Cobbs

8 by Niklas Sule

Finally, Germany. I saw in “Hansi Flick Opens the Door to Hummels” to liberate. This is not surprising. Hummels and Süle played a hell game against Manchester City and Rudiger was always a suspect. Whether Germany is able to pull themselves out of the Wembley low as they allow England to come back from 0-2 behind to 3-2 (before time set 3-3) depends on the level of Bayern Munich. People say Germany is a “championship team”. It often turns out to be the case. They would have Seeler, Müller, Rummenigge, Klose, Klinsmann or Völler at their disposal. Compared to them, Werner is a horror.

Niklas Sully.  AFP photo

Niklas Sully.AFP photo

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