Newly discovered frog species named after Greta Thunberg

Newly discovered frog species named after Greta Thunberg

The ‘Greta Rainfrog’ is called a tropical frog by the Latin name Pristimantis gretathunbergae. The animal was discovered by a team of conservationists on an island on the eastern side of Panama.


The wildlife organization Rainforest Trust, which led the team, sold 30 people the right to name a new species a few years ago. Now let one of those people come up with the name Frog. So the auction winner decided to choose a reference to the climate activist.

Rainforest Trust is pleased with the name chosen. Like no other, Greta reminds us that the future of many animal species depends on how we fight climate change. a permit. It is not known if Thunberg himself responded to the news.

big black eyes

Greta Thunberg’s frog has large black eyes, according to the scientific description ZooKeys MagazineThe discovery was announced on Monday.

The island where the frog was found, Cerro Chucantí, has lost 30 percent of its forest in recent years. This endangers the habitats of many animal species, including Greta Thunberg’s frog.

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