New Zealand declares a state of emergency due to severe flooding in Auckland | Abroad

New Zealand declared a state of emergency on Friday over flooding in Auckland due to heavy rainfall. Large parts of the city are under water.

Emergency services feared the flooding could worsen due to the storm and continue into Saturday morning. The declaration of a state of emergency gives the city council more powers to take action and it can count on assistance from the national government and assistance from other regions.

“The area was severely damaged by floods and torrents,” he added. Say Mayor Wayne Brown of Oakland. “Infrastructure and emergency services have been overwhelmed by the effects of the storm. A local emergency has been declared effective immediately and will expire after seven days.”

The fire brigade has been called at least fifteen hundred times and in many places the roads are impassable because of the water. On many streets, residents find themselves in a stream of water about 1 meter high.

The international airport south of the city is closed due to flooding. Auckland experienced the wettest day in the city’s history.

About a third of New Zealand’s population lives in the densely populated municipalities that make up Auckland in the North Island.

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