New York is taking the Trumps to court

New York is taking the Trumps to court

InternationalSep 22 ’22 at 11:28Author of the book: Mark van Hareveldt

New York State is suing Donald Trump and his three children for tax fraud. New York State Attorney General Letitia James yesterday announced several civil lawsuits against Donald Trump, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. And Ivanka Trump. The subpoena was preceded by a three-year investigation into the Trump Organization’s family business.

Attorney General Letitia James held a press conference announcing that she would prosecute Donald Trump and his three children for fraud. (ANP / SIPA USA / Michael Nigro)

Trump and his allies were accused of systematically undervaluing real estate, depending on the purpose of the real estate appraisal: for the tax authorities, the real estate was undervalued, the Trumps needed a bank loan, and then the real estate was overvalued. That too for about 11 years. According to USA reporter John Postma, that’s a lot of money: ‘The New York State Attorney General’s Office wants to see $250 million in damages as a result of his fraud. In addition, Trump and his three oldest children want to sue to prevent them from operating another business in New York.

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Also through criminal law

But according to the (Democratic) attorney general, there are also chances of prosecution of Trump and Swiss. “He is very sure about it: the laws have been broken, maybe even federal laws. He was able to get cheap loans to the bank, and he had to pay little in taxes by attaching different values ​​to his real estate. Over an 11-year period, the Public Prosecution Service found more than 200 examples of manipulation. .

Although James said there were clear grounds for a criminal investigation, a concurrent criminal investigation was halted several months ago. Postma thinks that’s odd — because why put it on the back burner when there’s so much solid evidence?

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Surprise number 2

Second setback for Trump: The US Justice Department has been allowed to reopen its investigation into thousands of government documents found at Trump’s home. The judge stayed it because he wanted to examine how reasonable the seizure was. On appeal, the judgment was set aside. So Justice could continue its investigation into the 11,000 documents seized during a raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate earlier last month. The former president was supposed to turn the documents over to the National Archives when he left the White House, and the files were also classified as confidential.

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