New watermelon salad kit introduced in North America

New watermelon salad kit introduced in North America

Taylor Farms Introduces Watermelon Crunch Chopped Salad Kit with the True Taste of Watermelon.

The salad kit is romaine based and includes radicchio, feta, roasted almonds and watermelon seeds. Consumers can eat salad on their own or use it as an addition to summer meals, such as roasted watermelon slices or shrimp.

“Watermelon products are advancing rapidly in all categories,” said Charis Neves, Managing Director of Innovation and Product.

“We’ve already received feedback that this fresh salad is ‘tasty, refreshing and addictive,'” said Chelsea Williams, product manager. “Before launching this product, we explored the possibilities of display components to stand alone on the packaging store shelf.”

Over the past year, the type of ready-to-eat salad has grown by 15% as people need quick, easy-to-prepare food that they often eat at home. Salad tools have increased by 22% compared to last year. Taylor Farms is constantly introducing new flavors and now has 24 different salad tools in its portfolio.

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