New sports team singles - "Dig!"

New sports team singles – “Dig!”

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Sometimes things in life don’t go as planned. Something that seems to happen quite often when you play in a squad called Sports Team. For example, the crazy six-piece from the UK can’t really benefit from the hype surrounding their debut album. deep down happy Because the world was closed down not long after, now it should be back too He flies! believe in it. The release of the album was postponed several times, but fortunately this did not stop the British from sending a flair to the world. Admittedly, there’s a tad more than usual this time around – that’s a “dig!” It’s e.g. the fifth single already – but if we believe their predecessors like “R Entertainment” and “The Drop”, it would undoubtedly fit into that record.

This latest creativity is also there for sure, because we hear once again exactly what the band stands for. So don’t spin around the pot too much, just go straight ahead; Whatever this “dig!” he did. Admittedly, it’s a little darker than what we’re used to Brits, given the song kicks off an ominous barrage of guitar tones and the almost charming way of singing Alex Rice uses. It wasn’t long before his distinctive voice was heard again, and then the track was also gaining momentum. The Sports team ends with this “Dig!” So, again, don’t beat around the bush and let the fun of the game run for less than three minutes. This promises before the end of the month!

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He flies! It will be published on September 23. If you want to see Sports Team live in action, you can go to November 20 Botany in Brussels.

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