New romantic comedy with Jim Baucom in the works |  RTL Street

New romantic comedy with Jim Baucom in the works | RTL Street

Director Johan Nijenhuis (55) and actor Jim Baucom (36) will soon produce their sixth film together. Production company Nijinhuis & Co made the announcement on Sunday. It is an as-yet-untitled comedy based on Jim's idea. The actor will also work as a producer for the first time. The goal is for the film to hit theaters in 2025.

“I can't wait for the next collaboration”

“I am very grateful for all the opportunities Johan has given me,” says Jim. “I can't wait for the next collaboration. We are working on a new project, and for the first time, I will not be alone in the lead role.”

It will be a new step in the career of the actor, who is currently appearing in a serious theatrical show for the first time. The play Showmeister by the Oostpool theater group has received rave reviews. “Jim shows depth for his age on many fronts,” says Johan, who will direct the new film.

The duo recently worked in romantic comedies In love with Bali, which is now in theaters. Nadia Hubscher plays a woman who travels to Bali with her two daughters to scatter the ashes of her deceased mother (Wytiki van Dort). The three women fall in love in Bali. Jim plays the role of mentor and love interest.

In Love with Bali went gold within a week, because more than 100,000 tickets had already been sold.

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