New Release Emma Goldman “My Life”

New Release Emma Goldman “My Life”

Kelderuitgeverij regularly publishes reprints of important historical texts. My Life of Emma Goldman is the most recent example of this. My Life was previously published by World Window in 1978 and a new edition is now available from us.

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If you order these two parts of my life on cassette from us before September 1st, we won’t charge you shipping, so both parts will cost €35.00. Email us at [email protected] with your name and address and we’ll let you know how you can pay and we’ll send the books.

From the late nineteenth century until her exile to Russia in 1919, Emma Goldman was one of America’s most famous radical women. She is an anarchist, a feminist, an advocate of sexual freedom, homosexuality and birth control, a pacifist, and is from Russia. He fought for social justice and free education. Not surprisingly, the combination evoked strong emotions. He was hated by millions and respected by millions.

He traveled tirelessly throughout the United States for his lectures, wrote many articles, and therefore knew almost everyone in radical circles. In his autobiography he vividly describes his meetings, his lecture tours, his treason trials, his imprisonment, anarchists and family friendships, his relationships with Alexander Bergman and the vagabonds and prostitutes Ben Reitman.

This first part covers the period up to 1912, the bulk of Goldman’s time in America

Part two of Emma Goldman’s biography covers the period from 1912 to 1928. He describes an increasingly difficult situation due to increasing repression in the United States, and in 1919 he was imprisoned for two years before being deported to the Soviet Union. Developments in the country were discussed in detail. Along with his partner Alexander Bergman, he travels to large parts of the Soviet Union and describes the brutal repression of the Bolsheviks. She was deeply disillusioned that anarchists were also being brutally persecuted there. Before Grobotkin’s funeral in 1921, the anarchists were temporarily released from prison. This was the last manifestation of anarchy in Moscow. Shortly after, the uprising in Kronstadt was bloodily suppressed by Trotsky and Emma Goldman and Alexander Bergman decided to defect to Berlin. Emma is no longer allowed to return to America. He stays in Berlin and publishes two of his books criticizing the Bolsheviks. My disappointment in Russia Inside My further disappointment In Russia. In 1928 he settled in the south of France and began his life story. Her biography Living my life Appears in New York in 1931.

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Emma Goldman died in 1940.


Emma Goldman, My Life 2 Parts, 487pp, 491pp, Slipcastle

ISBN/EAN: 978-90-79395-62-0 Kelderuitgeverij, Utrecht 2023 €35.00

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