New party NL Beter is fully committed to sports and exercise: ‘All …

New party NL Beter is fully committed to sports and exercise: ‘All …

“ Choose healthy, ” is the motto of NLBeter, which was founded at the end of 2019. Last year, he joined Maurice Lesser (51), a health scientist and sports economist. The law must guarantee sports and exercise.

In the past, he worked for the Sports Directorate of the Department of Health, Welfare and Sports, the Doping Authority, Gehandicaptensport Nederland and was the Director of Watersportverbond and Roeibond. Maurice Lesser is currently the president of sports company Lelystad and a consultant to the Dutch Sports Council.

Your party emerges as a winner in our research on interest in sport in electoral platforms. Congratulations!

“Healthy choice” is our motto for a reason. NLBeter was created because we had nowhere to turn to a party that was in our story. The origin from the frustration angle: People who have an understanding of business make signals and come up with data in the health field, but professional politicians just don’t listen enough. Many parties mention sport and exercise in their programs, and say it is important, but politics is not there. It is random, incoherent, and not helping. The aforementioned measures are ineffective, they keep firing void.

Why is sport an important topic?

There are an incredible number of challenges in society in terms of health and vitality. About fifty percent of society does not meet the standards in terms of time spent on sports and exercise. This group needs to move and this won’t happen automatically. The focus is now primarily on aftercare, but there are “preventable diseases” that you can combat in the beginning, such as obesity and loneliness or exclusion from society. Sports can play a major role in this. Invest in prevention, but then you must see sport and exercise as a common facility guaranteed by law. This is not the case yet. “

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The NLBeter political party believes that all of the Netherlands must act.

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Hence the sports law proposal. But could a small party accomplish such a thing?

“This is difficult. First try to get into the room; it will be interesting to get a seat. However, as a small party, it is difficult to be visible at campaign time, with all the current restrictions. Especially with a lot of parties. We are also not under the illusion that we are.” We will be very big from scratch, for example a Forum for Democracy, our story is very objective and a little opportunistic for that. It would be nice if we found out more about the House of Representatives and we will continue to put this issue on the agenda. “

You are 12th on the list, and the chance of winning a seat appears to be nil.

“That’s right. I’m also not a professional politician, but I’m a health scientist. I never thought I’d go into politics. I still don’t run away from it. There are major health concerns for me, just like the other professionals on NL Beter’s List:” Put your money in your shoes. ” Don’t keep yelling from the side, but actively start with our story. “

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