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Provide neutral opening AEX

(ABM FN-Dow Jones) The future of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange marks a very flat opening an hour before the Stock Exchange.

On Monday, the AEX started the trading week steady with a gain of 1.8 percent at 665.65 points. Economic outlook and rising interest rates mainly encouraged investors to buy funds, with Akon, ING and ABN Amro gaining between 5 and 9 per cent.

On Monday evening, Wall Street showed a strongly divided picture. Technology transfer Nasdaq lost 2.9 percent and the traditionally passed Dow Jones index gained 1.0 percent. The broader S&P 500 index gave up half a percentage point after rising 0.8 percent the previous day.

Despite the increase in bond yields and the weakness of technology stocks, the Dow Jones index rose to its all-time high. Asset managers and traders were expecting an economic recovery, with inflation expected to rise, and a break from government securities and technical funds, while banking and energy stocks were in high demand.

The driving force behind this was the Senate’s approval of US President Joe Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion corona support package.

“I call this a piracy correction,” said Keith Lerner, market strategist at Truist Advisory Services. “No money goes out of the market, it just goes to other names,” Lerner said.

But after a significant sell-off in recent weeks, the price drop for some of the top fliers over the past year has been much higher, Lerner thinks. According to him, the revision of these shares will end soon. “I think ten-year rates will stabilize soon. The outlook for stocks is bright.”

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As of Monday evening, the yield on U.S. 10-year government bonds was 1.57 percent. A condition that was on the plates last weekend. Interest rates were 1.56 percent this morning.

In Asia, stock markets were mostly able to find their way until this morning. Is the Hong Kong index in Hong Kong with a gain of 1.5 percent. The Cosby index in Seoul, which has several technology stocks, including Samsung, was not the only one to exit with a loss of 0.7 percent.

Oil prices closed lower on Monday after a volatile day. At $ 65.05 a barrel, the West Texas Intermediate became 1.6 percent cheaper per barrel. Oil prices rose further in the morning trade after Yemeni Houthi forces, backed by Iran, attacked a large Saudi Arabian oil port in the Persian Gulf with missile and drone strikes. Among other things, a strong dollar caused oil prices to fall.

The Euro / Dollar pair traded at 1.1858 this morning. With the US accelerating vaccinations and a boost from Joe Biden’s corona support package, investors predict that the U.S. economy will outperform the eurozone economy. In the first months of this year, the currency pair was still at the level of 1.2150 on average.

The macroeconomic agenda is low today, while the revenue period is largely dead. Investors are still aware of the final economic growth in the Eurozone over the past quarter. Later this week, the focus will be on the central bank, which will announce its interest rate decision on Thursday afternoon.

Company News

The DKH Group saw results in the second half of 2020 under pressure, but has a fairly positive outlook for two of the three units. TKH Group expects telecom and building solutions to see an increase in turnover and output, while the industry expects a decline in these products.

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J.D.E. Beat’s revenue fell 4.2 percent to 2020 6,651 million in 2020. Analysts had previously placed a slightly higher bet of 6 6,684 million. Adjusted operating profit (EPIT) was 1,278 million. 1.9 percent increase year-on-year. Organically, the increase was 6.2 percent and turnover was organically 0.2 percent.

BASIC-Fit saw its earnings under significant pressure in 2020, while the bottom lost ground. The base-blinking corona turned out to be heavily affected by the crisis, and by 2020 the clubs had closed at 41 percent of the time. As a result, the results fell faster than researchers had previously intended.

CMCom’s revenue increased by 47% in 2020 to 1 141.6 million. Analysts expect revenue of 133 million euros. The EPIDA was negative at 1.5 million euros and the downside in 2020 was a loss of 13.0 million euros. A negative estimate of 2.3 million was made by EPIDA analysts.

IMCD sold Nutri granules to Huber Engineering Materials for an undisclosed amount. Nutri employed 22 people and became part of IMCD in 2018 after merging with HORN at that time.

Closing levels Wall Street

The S&P 500 index lost 0.5 percent to 3,821.35 points on Monday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 1.0 percent to 31,802.44. Technology transfer Nasdaq lost 2.9 percent to 12,299.08 points.

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