Netflix’s new flagship movie instantly tops our top 10 list

Netflix’s new flagship movie instantly tops our top 10 list

Netflix Original A Family Affair has made a huge impact almost immediately after its debut. The romantic comedy with big stars instantly took the top spot on the Netflix Top 10 list.

The Richard LaGravenese film was actually supposed to be released online on November 17, 2023, but that was postponed due to the strike in Hollywood. Netflix describes its original with words like “Taking” in “influential”.

mixed reception
The rom-com with big names like Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron and Joey King is in mid-career at the time of writing. 46 percent After 50 reviews, the IMDb rating isn’t particularly high at 5.5 after 2.5k votes.

“Even Nicole Kidman playing Kathy Bates — or Zac Efron singing Cher’s Believe — isn’t enough to salvage what should have been a guaranteed hit and is now full of tired clichés.” David Opie writes for Empire magazine.

Now on Netflix
If you still feel that way family matter To watch, you will find the movie. Now here On Netflix.

Netflix Synopsis: The only thing worse than being an assistant to a demanding movie star who doesn’t take you seriously? Finding out he’s in love with your mother.

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