Netflix is ​​not allowed to charge you for sharing accounts

Netflix is ​​not allowed to charge you for sharing accounts

Wait a little longer before transferring the Netflix profiles of exes, ex-roommates and retards, because Netflix may change its mind. It wants to start charging for account sharing outside of the home from 2023. However, the Consumers Association says the streaming service is not allowed at all.

Consumers Association

The Consumers Association Let’s know that Netflix doesn’t have a leg to stand on. “According to European rules, subscriptions from live streaming services will move with you, even after 14 days.” So, if you don’t live in the US, but your main address in the app is in the Netherlands, Netflix shouldn’t charge extra at all. in Europe legislation It reads: “When you are in another EU country, you are entitled to access your paid subscriptions online just as you would at home. For example, if you pay for an online TV subscription at home, you can watch and download the same movies and TV series as at home while on vacation in another EU country.”

Netflix wants, among other things, to use the IP address and device number to log who is using Netflix and therefore where. You can still watch Netflix on the train, but if you haven’t been to the known IP in a couple of weeks, there’s a good chance that Netflix will mark your device as a “different home” and that means you’ll have to pay extra. Netflix wants to prevent accounts from being shared between families, so more people can get their own subscription and so more money comes in.

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new strategy

I did it initially because it struggled a bit with other emerging streaming services. The first half of this year saw the streaming service leave en masse for the first time in a decade: a million people canceled their subscription. However, this week it turned out that in the third quarter of this year, a very large number of subscribers were added: 2.4 million units, thanks to Jeffrey Dahmer and Stranger Things, among others.

Netflix It doesn’t seem to deviate from its new strategy, despite these additional customers. Even the cheapest subscription with ads that Netflix itself hasn’t supported all those years is coming now. Not yet in the Netherlands, but initially in other countries for 5-6 euros per month. But then you can no longer download the content, you will see 5 minutes of ads per hour and you can’t view all the content from the normal library of Red N.

Netflix has not yet responded to the Consumers Association.

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