Netflix Games Review: Kentucky Root Zero

In the Netherlands, we associate the name Kentucky Fried Chicken mainly with fried chicken, but in the United States it is still just a state. However, it is also the beginning of a very nice game name: Kentucky Route Zero. It is one of the games offered by Netflix for free if you are a member. Although it is also a game that previously appeared on PC and consoles. Play a little on mobile.

Kentucky Road Zero

It’s a party to find images for this article, because this game has an iconic animation style that sticks well and where every moment in the game is worth taking a screenshot. Kentucky Route Zero looks kind of simple and clean, but at the same time it has something cartoony about it. Anyway, the use of color is very appropriate and this makes it a visual spectacle, without being too striking.

You might even wonder how much of a game it really is. It’s kind of a dream world that you’re basically experiencing. You often don’t know how to make fun of what you see and this takes some adaptability at first, but if you just accept that you will remain incapable and therefore have to submit to this strange world, then there is a lot to do to have fun.

Point and click

If you want to attach a game label to it, you can: It’s a point-and-click game where you have to make choices in how conversations proceed. You need a great deal of help as a delivery truck that has to go to an address which turns out to be unknown everywhere. Then how do you proceed? By asking others, this is exactly what happens. You meet all kinds of people and they give you information or entertainment.

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This game originally appeared in all sorts of parts and is now a little different in the form of a mobile game, although you will definitely notice that there are distinctly different works. However, it’s not that you have much influence over that. Unfortunately: the game is already pretending, but that’s it. What you choose in terms of dialogue will not greatly affect the end of the game. It affects the story as you continue to explore the game and that’s okay: this game is about experiencing the game world and its own characters, not so much – literally and figuratively – as the final destination.

Netflix games

It’s a game that feels kind of like a meditation as it rocks, which isn’t bad at all. Anyway, there is a certain kind of peaceful typing, which allows you to sit back and play in a relaxed way. It goes without saying that it also works very well on mobile in terms of control and you can really enjoy it for a while: you can spend hours on it. Not for people who like action, but very interesting for people who find it less interesting or maybe not even gamers at all. For them, Kentucky Route One is definitely worth a try.

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