Nelson nearly signed by Studio 100: 'Thankfully it didn't work'

Nelson nearly signed by Studio 100: ‘Thankfully it didn’t work’

On the singing show podcast, Yap Resima talks to the participants of Dear singers About what happened on the farm. In the fourth episode, Nelson was a guest talking about his stage show and the idols he hopes to collaborate with. Yap also mentions the singer-songwriter’s rap period.

According to Nelson, he actually quit when he recovered. Not so long later, he was asked to join the group Zirkus Zirkus, which was almost signed by Gert Verhulst 100 studio. In the end, Nelson is very glad that this did not happen. “Now of course I’m very grateful it wasn’t really hacked, because you’d never get rid of that stamp,” says Nelson, “then maybe I would have gotten very rich—because Studio 100, all they do…—but happiness wasn’t like that “.

Rap always has a special place in his heart. On the podcast, Nelson says, “Sometimes I write rap at home for fun, it’s also a kind of training for me. I think it’s important to keep it, because it’s my whole base. The rhythm is so important to me. So important. I think the song, of course, The song’s message is very important, but if it’s not good… it doesn’t stick.”

RTL Boulevard also has its own podcast. Listen to the RTL Boulevard Reality Podcast on spotifyAnd the Apple Music or google podcast. Or watch it below:

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