Nearly 200 electric cars rusted on this subtropical island |  car

Nearly 200 electric cars rusted on this subtropical island | car

After a rental company went bankrupt in 2020, 200 BMW i3s were left in various locations on the Korean island of Jeju. Two years later, they’re still there and the condition of electric cars is deteriorating, according to a video clip.

according to Korea Times The cars were purchased with government support and the rental companies are not allowed to sell the cars for the first two years if they are obtained with these types of subsidies. The base was set up by the special autonomous regional government of Jeju Island, a subtropical island south of Korea, which is known as an ideal wedding location for Koreans. The newspaper talks about 70 copies in one place, but other sources indicate that many BMWs were dumped in different places.

With that, the island is now shooting itself, because the BMWs have now been outside in all kinds of weather for two years, causing damage. Some cars are still in good condition, while others are missing body panels. Several wrecked cars are also on display, including some that have been blown up. At least one version is missing the door, exposing the interior to the elements.

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High repair costs

According to the Korea Times, the high repair costs of i3s may be part of the reason for the bankruptcy. An employee at a rental company that owns ten i3s said that operating rental electric cars can be very expensive compared to internal combustion engine cars. The cost of repairing an electric car parked in the company’s garage is estimated to be more than 50 million won (40,000 euros).

less Video It begins by showing dozens of i3s parked in a field near an urban area. Six other i3s were found at a nearby bus stop. Several i3s were later found in a parking lot in the center of the island. BMW Korea has reportedly been given permission to buy back the cars, but for now they are still scattered all over the island.

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