Nearly 10,000 Ukrainian refugees have found work in the Netherlands |  right Now

Nearly 10,000 Ukrainian refugees have found work in the Netherlands | right Now

About 9,615 Ukrainian refugees are currently working in our country, according to a spokesperson for the benefits agency UWV. This is more than double what it was at the beginning of this month. The agency bases these numbers on reports from employers.

Since last month, employers have been asked to inform the UWV if they hire a Ukrainian refugee. Between the beginning of April and last Friday, 9,615 reports were received.

In the first week of April there were more than 550 reports, in the second week there were more than 850 reports and in the third week there were more than 1550 reports. In the last week of April, 1,350 employers reported to the UWV and in the first three weeks of March there were a total of 5,315.

At the beginning of this month, 4,300 Ukrainian refugees found a job in the Netherlands. Then it turned out that most of them worked through an employment agency and worked mainly in the Amsterdam area. It is not clear what these relationships are at the moment.

There are currently less than 60,000 Ukrainian refugees registered in Dutch municipalities. About 17 percent of them have already found work.

In principle, employers must apply for a work permit if they want to hire a refugee, but the European Union has an exception Set up for Ukrainian refugees. Next year they can start working right away, without much management. In the Netherlands, employers who hire a Ukrainian must inform the UWV of this.

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