'NCIS' comes with an exciting crossover

‘NCIS’ comes with an exciting crossover

The NCIS franchise is being built again for another intersection in the franchise.

Hawaii Five 0Graduate Katrina Law prepares to return to Aloha State. It has brought some new colleagues from NCIS with him!

Last Monday, Wilmer Valderrama announced that CBS wants to make a crossover with its most-watched series. NCIS And the cross NCIS: Hawaii connected by intersection. The series will be broadcast on Monday, March 28th.

naturally NCIS The most watched entertainment program in the United States this season. moreover, NCIS: Hawaii together with FBI: International The most watched new series on US TV.

There are no details yet about Torres and Nate’s trip to Hawaii. TV Line asked broadcasters about it last fall and got this response:

“We haven’t discussed that yet,”, So NCISViewer Stephen de Bender. “But I’ve been working with her [NCIS: Hawaii-showrunner] Chris Silber and honestly, that always makes things like this a lot easier.”

Then Silber said: “I’m always open to the crossover that CBS allows. In the meantime, we want to have the first series from Hawaii behind us and then we can talk about the fun work.”

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