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The Dallas Mavericks have to pay a $750,000 fine for their alleged loss to the Chicago Bulls last week. Coach Jason Kidd of the NBA kept a lot of standing power aside against the Bulls and allowed his goal scorer Luka Doncic to participate only in the opening minutes.

According to the NBA organization, the Mavericks wanted to forfeit the game in order to have a better chance of being the first club to select a new player in the annual draft. According to Kidd, he was instructed by the club’s management to keep its best players, including Kyrie Irving and Tim Hardaway Jr., on the sidelines.

With only the reserves on the team, the Mavericks lost, albeit by a narrow margin (115-112). Even the club, which was in the final of the Western Conference Championship last year, missed out on playing the gate to the playoffs. The Dallas Mavericks finished 11th in the West and are now among the top picks in the draft.

Star player Luka Doncic only played briefly against the Bulls. © USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con

According to the NBA, the players who took the field against the Chicago Bulls cannot be said to have given their best effort. But according to the NBA, it was clear from club management’s statements that it was better for the team to lose in light of the “Draft Player”. And the Mavericks were fined 680,000 euros.

“The Dallas Mavericks’ decision not to allow key players to participate undermines the integrity of our sport,” said NBA Vice President Joe Dumars. “The Mavericks let our fans down and our league does this.”

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