NATO speaks clearly against China: 'Compulsory policy ...

NATO speaks clearly against China: ‘Compulsory policy …

Heads of state and government of 30 NATO countries met at headquarters in Brussels on Monday afternoon and spoke out against China. Our Prime Minister Alexander de Crowe (Open VLT) also said that while Joe Joe Biden of the United States promised ‘America exists’, we must have the courage to step out of the shadow of Europe.

It was a short NATO summit, with leaders meeting at 1pm and ending everything at 4pm. Key Agenda: Allies must reach an agreement on the agenda of Russia, China and NATO 2030. “This is a very important summit, after a tumultuous time for NATO,” Prime Minister De Cruz said when he arrived. “We’re ready to turn the page.”

The heads of state and government of 30 NATO countries have agreed to speak more strongly about China. New US President Joe Biden, who attended his first NATO summit, has elevated China to the agenda. NATO allies are concerned about “compulsory policy.”Of the Chinese, red.) This contradicts the core values ​​of the Alliance. According to NATO, China poses a security risk, including a lack of transparency regarding the expansion of its nuclear arsenal and military modernization. This is the first time NATO has spoken so clearly against China.

Biden comes after Trump

The summit also aims to re-establish Atlantic relations years after Trump. Biden arrived in Brussels on Sunday evening and will remain in our country until tomorrow afternoon. So the message Biden sent to his allies is clear: “I want to let Europe know that the United States is here,” he said. The defense of Europe, Turkey and Canada is a “sacred commitment” to the United States.

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‘Leaving the American Shadow’

But Europe does not seem ready to blindly follow the United States. Belgian Prime Minister de Crowe also made the remarks at a press conference before the start of the summit. ‘What is important is that Europe defines its own priorities. Europe must emerge from the shadow of America. If US and European priorities are aligned, that is a plan – we are strong together. But we need to be ready for a Plan B. ‘


The NATO Joint Statement states that Russia continues to violate values, policies, beliefs and obligations written in documents describing the relationship between NATO and Russia. “We have suspended all practical civilian and military cooperation with Russia, while maintaining open dialogue.”

Like the repression of domestic opposition, the country has been accused of aggressive behavior in its neighbors (and abroad). “As long as Russia does not respect international law and its international obligations and responsibilities, NATO will not return to business as usual.”


De Crew welcomed the new impetus NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg wanted to give to the contracting system. This NATO 2030 agenda is to strengthen the alliance politically and militarily and adapt to new security challenges. ‘The Secretary-General has done a great job,’ De Crew said when he arrived. “This new strategy is to prepare NATO for the future.”

De Crew acknowledged that discussions on the NATO budget were still ongoing. ‘Belgium’s position is that we need to analyze the need to increase funding and how to use those resources.

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The G7 guarantees the western version of the 7 Chinese ‘new silk roads’

Stoltenberg also expressed hope that the allies would find an agreement on the new, ambitious agenda for the NATO 2030 agreement. Stoltenberg reiterated that this would require more resources. On Friday, nine countries now spend 2 percent of their GDP on defense. NATO set that limit at a minimum in 2014. “We still need to invest together, which also shows the unity of our alliance,” Stoltenberg said.

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