National Cycling League: New competition goes with data for ultimate fan experience |  Sportnext

National Cycling League: New competition goes with data for ultimate fan experience | Sportnext

Top or Flop?

What is the difference that makes the new competition successful? Either way, the National Cycling League has more financial security up front than it did decades ago. Founders Collective, Collab Capital, Will Ventures, Emmanuel Acho (Fox Sports) and Bradley Beal (NBA player Washington Wizards) have already joined. Given the format of the teams that represent a city and the NFL (National Football League)’s success with a similar format, it’s no surprise that Jalen Ramsey (NFL player Los Angeles Rams), Derwin James (NFL player Los Angeles Chargers). ) and Kevin Byard (NFL player Tennessee Titans) are among the investors. Together, the two account for $7.5 million in financial contributions.

Despite interest from investors and an April 2023 launch, the National Cycling League is still shrouded in uncertainty. Four cities and two participating teams have now been announced. Raiders of the heralded teams, the Miami Knights and the Denver Disruptors, are not regulars on the stages of top international tournaments. Sergio Henau and Leah Kirchman, who are now active for the Denver Disruptors, are already highly rated internationally. In addition, there is still no cooperation with the current US top-level criterium teams, so they do not know what this means for them and what their role is.

All the data available and the associated fan engagement should be a game changer. The new competition responds well to the technological possibilities and digital preferences of (young) fans on the one hand, and the growing popularity of cycling on the other. That combination was not yet available in the late eighties when the first edition of the National Cycling League failed.

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