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The new version of Myst will be the first game on Xbox Series X and S to support AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution. The game will be released on August 26 for Xbox consoles and PC. Myst also comes with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, and the PC version supports VR headsets.

The developer writes Cyan Myst has been rebuilt from the ground up and will perform well on all types of gaming systems. The company indicates the use of AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution. According to Cyan, this makes it possible to display graphics in a higher quality than was previously possible. So Myst can run in 4k at 60fps on Xbox Series X with the highest graphics settings. On the Xbox Series S, a resolution of 1440 pixels at 60 frames per second was mentioned. Some form of ray tracing is also supported.

Cyan says FidelityFX Super Resolution allows for a 75 percent performance improvement when paired with a 4K display on the Xbox Series X and S, without sacrificing any significant visual image quality.

FidelityFX Super Resolution is AMD’s counterpart to Nvidia’s DLSS and aims to enable higher frame rates in games by rendering them at a lower resolution and then upscaling images. It’s been about a month and a half since FidelityFX Super ResolutionSupport came to the Xbox Game Development Kit. There is already a game with FidelityFX Super Resolution for PlayStation 5, which is Arcadedon.

Myst gets new designs, sounds, interactions, and the option to randomize puzzles. The adventure game originally came out in 1993 for Mac OS and a year later for Windows 3.11. Over the years, the game has appeared on all kinds of different platforms and all kinds of versions have appeared. In 2000, there was already a remake for PC called Myst: Masterpiece Edition. At the end of last year, there was also vr version for Oculus Quest.

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