Must Read: The US Economy Is Resilient

Must Read: The US Economy Is Resilient


Plus: government interest costs will double in 2025, the impact of ChatGPT on sectors, bad economic news from Germany, corruption is paying off, and more.

As for the disruptive power of ChatGPT
Virginie Maisonneuve, Head of Global Investments at Allianz Global Investors, analyzes the impact of ChatGPT on various industries. ChatGPT thinks with you.

Government interest costs will double in 2025
Global government debt has increased by 117% since the credit crunch. Thanks to the low rate of interest, this has been possible at a low cost. But those times are over. So Janos Henderson expects interest costs to double within 3 years. This is good news for bond investors.

Meanwhile, in the United States, another increase in the debt ceiling is needed
Columnist Martin Halfkamp: “The American debt ceiling has been raised dozens of times in history. After all, the United States cannot afford bankruptcy. And although it is likely to happen again this time, Republicans and Democrats are on a collision course when it comes to public finances. So Reaching an agreement will not be without bouts.” broad analysis.

The American economy is holding up

Will Russia survive the sanctions?
Federico Fubini and Alexandra Prokopenko for Project Sundicate: “During the past 14 months, the global economy has undergone an unprecedented experiment: severing commercial, financial and personal ties with a country that spans 11 time zones and is at the heart of globalization. Can it really work?” long story.

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Bad economic news from Germany

Active vs. passive
Returns of the IEX Fonds 40 (Actively Managed Funds) and the IEX 20+ Index (ETFs).

Future nuclear power plants are small
“Many new nuclear energy technologies are now in the design and testing stages. But one of the most promising strategies for nuclear energy is to go big by getting small.” Deep analysis.

Is gold a good investment?
Also Read: Why Optimix Buy Gold.

More hybrid heat pumps (from 2026) as a result of the opening of three Dutch plants
One year delivery time was more normal than exception when you order heat pump. Three heat pump companies will soon open a new factory in the Netherlands to produce their hybrid heat pumps, so they will be available more quickly from now on. RTL Z Reports.

Corruption pays off?

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