Musk’s SpaceX manned spaceflight stalled two minutes before launch | outside

The SpaceX flight, which was supposed to depart Monday morning from Florida for the International Space Station (ISS), is still on Earth. A technical fault in the ground system threw a wrench into the works two minutes before liftoff.

There were problems with the fuel supply needed for the launch. Since then, four crew members, two Americans, a Russian and an astronaut from the United Arab Emirates, have been removed from the rocket.

The rocket will depart around 7:45 a.m. Dutch time:

It is not uncommon for high-tech missile launches to be delayed at the last minute. The rocket takes a 25-hour trip to the International Space Station before it, and should also be able to return later. On Tuesday, Earth and the International Space Station will return to their respective locations for another launch attempt. But it is not certain whether the technical problems will be resolved by then. Weather conditions should also be good.

Once they reach the International Space Station, the crew will stay there for about six months.

Seven people on the International Space Station

There are now seven residents on the space station, four of whom should return to Earth next month. A replacement transport for the other three ships arrived on Sunday, a new ship with which they can return in September. The spaceship in which they were supposed to leave was destroyed by the impact of space debris. That vehicle will go to Earth next month without people on board.

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