Mushroom growing from a live frog: 'Never seen before'

Mushroom growing from a live frog: 'Never seen before'

The frog from which the mushroom grows was found by Lohit YT, a river and wetland specialist at WWF India. It was while searching for amphibians and reptiles in the Western Ghats mountain range in India.


Lohit found dozens of golden-backed frogs in a pond along the road. A fungus stuck in the side of a frog. Lohit took pictures of the frog and posted them online.

Since fungi and fungi play a role in the process of decomposing organic matter in nature, the fact that they grow from a live, apparently healthy frog has scientists amazed. “I was very surprised when I saw that,” says Matthew Smith, a fungal biologist at the University of Florida. The New York Times.

“unknown phenomenon”

Mycologists and mycologists suspect it is a mycelium-forming fungus, a helmet mushroom. This type of fungus usually grows primarily on dead, rotting plant material, such as rotting wood.

“It is a previously unknown phenomenon,” is how the World Wildlife Fund describes Lohit's discovery.

According to naturalists, it is not clear why the fungus grows from a frog. There are many known cases of mushrooms growing in places where they do not grow naturally. But this is new to living animal tissue. “I've never heard of a fungus on living animal tissue,” Smith says.

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