Multiple Apple services including App Store and iTunes go offline after update failed – IT Pro – News

Due to a failure with Apple, many of the important services of the company are currently inaccessible or poorly accessible. The Apple App Store, Apple Arcade, and iTunes, among others, are not available at the time of writing. There is no known reason for the outage of Apple services.

A power outage has prevented users from using a variety of Apple services in recent hours, according to a reddit megathread† In addition to the previously mentioned services, Facetime, Siri, iMessage, Apple Care, Apple TV + and various parts of iCloud were not accessible. These services are in accordance with Official Apple System Status Page Meanwhile back online.

according to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gorman There are also internal Apple systems that suffer from outages. Apple stores, among other things, will be affected by this. Recently it is said Unknown Apple Store photo Many Apple employees can be seen on the phone and having to work with paper instead of computers.

Update 21:05: According to the linked Apple status page, all crashes have been resolved in the meantime. Apple has yet to respond to questions from Tweakers; The cause of the various malfunctions is not yet clear.

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