Mr. Shalm Westwood returns to the festival: Holland America ...

Mr. Shalm Westwood returns to the festival: Holland America …

Leo van Geltern


The Music Cafe de Shalm in Westwood has dusted off the Holland America Line Festival.

Although there were only four editions of the festival until 2013, it was not forgotten by the enthusiasts who were there. This also applies to owners Annie Ootman and Royal Silver. De Shalm is now fifty years old and both think it’s time for a new version.

“It’s time for more and more small festivals to be held,” Annie Ottoman explains. “My husband, Keys, passed away and came up with the idea to do the same in De Shawl. We have been programming both Dutch and Americana for many years. During that ceremony we brought them together on one stage. There are beautiful names like David Olney.

Roll Zilver continues: “At one point, interest was low, so we decided to pull the plug. We now notice from the reactions that many are happy that the Holland America line is back on the agenda. For us, it is time to see if we can breathe new life into this tradition.

Job and Jessica are a couple who will be opening the festival soon. “Joop now limits shows to a minimum, but he wants to make an exception for De Shaw because he’s been here many times on the stage he has named,” Annie explains.

Then Justin Boatman O’Connor enters the stage with Coke Van Wooran’s band, followed by American duo Sam & Julia. Their EP ‘So far, so good’ was released on Tim Knoll’s label. Indy folk band Marble Waves is coming to Westwood. The final chord is with American singer-songwriter Martha Fields, along with Manu Bertrand on topro, guitar and banjo.

The ceremony will take place on Sunday 17 October from 3pm at De Shalm Westwood. Tickets cost 30 euros. Booking and additional information:

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