Mr.  Frank Visser viewers are in shock: “He’s peeing in the street!”

Mr. Frank Visser viewers are in shock: “He’s peeing in the street!”

Lt. Col. Victor Brand and Mr. Frank Visser travels to Wehe-den Hoorn in Groningen to calm the feud between Anja, Martin and René. The cantilever on their common roof was broken and Renee would fix it. Anja and Martin buy the equipment and their neighbor does the solo mission. One thing: Having taken his side, he cut with him. Anja and Martin have been living with a broken dormer window for three years now, so they sleep downstairs in the living room. This is impossible due to their poor health. Anja has cancer and Renee is partially paralyzed.

but mr. Frank Visser doesn’t just appear in a dormer window, of course; There is so much more to that. There is also controversy over Renee’s loud music, and Renee in turn is angry at his neighbours’ wood-burning stove. Rene also describes Martin as an alcoholic, but according to Anja, this is not true. Martin is just a “normal mustache”. He starts at 11 a.m. with a drink and then drinks about ten alcoholic refreshments a day. So “normal mustache”.

Then there’s another little thing: Martin often goes to the café with his scooter and then comes home drunk to pee in the street. Renee had already seen several times how Martin was urinating in front of his bus.

Martin points out that he had to pee in the street once. He has trouble urinating and if he has to, he should. According to him, he never peed on his neighbor’s bus. It will not work at all. He has a weak plane and then he pees on his feet.

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statement mr. Visser is clear: Rene does not have to fix a dormer window, Anja and Martin are no longer allowed to heat their wood stove, and Rene has to turn off his music. Not a word was said about the urine stains on the bus.

On Twitter, viewers were amazed at what they just saw. ‘It’s a shout! Jiskefet writes one viewer.

Mr. Frank Visser makes a statement See you every Thursday at 8.30pm on SBS 6 and Look back here.

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