"Move and Learn Golden Mix for Students, But Extra Steps Needed"

“Move and Learn Golden Mix for Students, But Extra Steps Needed”

Act out verbs or practice the multiplication tables by having the children run to the numbers. These are examples of what is called mobile learning. “Everyone says: It’s something we really should do,” says Meijer, noting that according to science, it’s good for learning ability and focus on learning. “Actually no one disagrees, but then everyone gets a ‘yes but’.”

List the objections. School leaders say: I would really like to, but I already have a lot of things I need and I don’t have any structural money. The teachers say they really want it, but the program is already overcrowded and there is a shortage of teachers, so they are already busy. Publishers, in turn, say they would like to, but the methods are time-consuming to develop and they question whether there is even demand from schools.


“Indeed, all parties should take a step forward,” says Major, who has extensive experience as a supervisor, supervisory director, and chairman of the board. “To jointly ensure that we can do this much better than the next school year.”

For example, the ministry and the education inspectorate should also consider stimulating learning and focusing on learning, she says. Another recommendation is: when building a new school, active learning should be “stimulated and facilitated” about 150 per year at the same time. The hard part is: about 600 municipalities deal with educational housing. Whatever you call it: knowledge from science and from teacher training colleges must be applicable. Additionally, educational publishers must work.

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