Most of the residents have been vaccinated, but nursing homes have not yet dared to relax

Most of the residents have been vaccinated, but nursing homes have not yet dared to relax

Few nursing homes have implemented mitigation recently, despite high vaccination coverage. This is evidenced by research conducted by the universities of Nijmegen and Maastricht among the 76 nursing homes spread in 25 safe zones in the Netherlands. They were followed for about a year.

In most care homes, at least 80 percent of the population has been vaccinated against the Coronavirus and an estimated 60 to 70 percent of staff have been vaccinated. However, this does not automatically reduce the scales. Researchers say relaxing visitor regulations would be beneficial to residents’ well-being.

Feeling of loneliness in the population

Residents of nursing homes say in the study that Corona’s measures make them feel lonely. Social contact with family or other residents is only permitted to a limited extent.

According to researchers, some nursing homes only want to introduce looser rules if the entire population is vaccinated. Other care homes have not yet developed a plan for this and some believe the same rules should apply in homes as they do in the rest of the country.

Do not drive

Maastricht elder care professor Jan Hammers understands the caution of nursing homes. “These are the most vulnerable people in the community. During the first wave, efforts were made to banish that infection. When there was an outbreak, there was also a very strong reaction from the community: How did that happen?” He said in it we Radio 1 Journal. “So they don’t want to be in the vanguard of relaxation now.”

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However, it is relaxing as well OMT has already advised that relaxation is possible With an 80 percent vaccination rate. “It can take a very long time to wait for everyone to be vaccinated and it is not realistic. There will always be a population that does not want to be vaccinated or cannot be vaccinated, or who have just moved and have not yet received an injection.”

Grandchildren are visiting again

A number of relaxations have already been implemented at the Zorgkoepel Zuyderland nursing home in southern Limburg. For example, residents are allowed to meet again in a restaurant and visitors who have been tested or passively vaccinated no longer need to wear a mouth mask. In addition, the Single Visit Scheme has also been expanded, so that grandchildren under the age of 12 can again go on family visits with their parents.

“For example, Corona’s time has become a little easier and we can sit around the table again with the family, the four of us. That’s a nice feeling,” says Pep Ferns, a resident of the nursing home in the newspaper. we Radio 1 News. “You’re in contact with the kids again and the grandchildren are coming too. Love it,” adds her husband, Harry Ferns.

Several of their nursing home friends died from the Coronavirus in the past year. They were injured themselves, but they recovered. Bibb believes that “if you live close together, it’s nearly impossible to prevent that.”

Lovely time

Relaxing the rules was a sensational decision for the nursing home board. “Of course we have very severe infections, and a lot of the population has died,” says Ajith Bell from Zorgkoepel Zuyderland. “Thanks to vaccinations, we really see that the number of infections is dropping dramatically.”

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In the place where the couple Verne live, 1,350 people live. About 98 percent now have two injections. “At the moment we have four injuries, which is a big difference from what was the case two months ago,” says Beagle. “At that time, a hundred people were injured.”

“We also have to relax now because these old people often only live with us for a short time, and you want them to have a very good time on that final stage.”

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