Mossad smuggled high-tech weapons to Iran to attack a nuclear scientist

Mossad smuggled high-tech weapons to Iran to attack a nuclear scientist

More details emerged about the attack on an Iranian nuclear scientist last year. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was shot dead on 27 November while on the road in a car not far from the capital, Tehran. According to the weekly newspaper The Jewish Chronicle, he was killed by heavy automatic artillery fire remotely operated by the Israeli intelligence service Mossad.

Wildly stories circulated about the liquidation in recent months, such as a lecture that 62 armed fighters attacked the world and its convoy, or that it was a suicide operation, which Israeli investigative journalist Ronen Bergman concluded shortly after the attack. Mossad may have been behind the operation. He also suspected in Iran that the liquidation was the work of Israel and that there Complex equipment was used.

Was smuggled out

The Jewish Record Now he confirms itAnd the Based on sources in the secret services. The high-tech attack was prepared for an eight-month period by a team of 20 operatives from both Israel and Iran. A 1,000-pound remote-controlled weapon was smuggled into Iran piece by piece. The pistol mounted on a pickup truck was very heavy because it also contained an explosive that could destroy it immediately after an attack.

It was an accurate weapon. The newspaper reported that the nuclear scientist was injured 13 times, but his wife and bodyguards were unharmed. The attack was prepared entirely by Israel. The United States was summoned, but did not participate in the operation.

According to The Jewisch Chronicle, the death of Fakhrizadeh was a major blow to Iran’s nuclear program. As a result, instead of months, Iran will now be years away from building an atomic bomb. Iran itself denies that it wants to develop nuclear weapons.

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