Morning after pill becomes free for all women in France |  Abroad

Morning after pill becomes free for all women in France | Abroad

The next morning it will be a free pill for all women in France. This was announced by the French Minister of Health, Francois Brown, in an interview with the newspaper 20 minutes.

In the interview, he said that sexually transmitted diseases and inadequate access to contraceptives are a problem in France. So people under the age of 26 will be able to get tested for all sexually transmitted diseases for free and without referral in the future, according to the minister. Before that, only HIV testing was free.

According to him, his country lags behind other European countries in terms of sexual education. There is also more budget available for this.

The morning-after pill will be available free of charge and without a prescription from your pharmacy. Until now, the pill was only free for certain groups, and they had to be able to provide a prescription.

In response to developments in the United States, Brown has also spoken out in favor of the right to abortion. According to him, this right must be enshrined in the Constitution.

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