More interest in skating thanks to Olympic bronze Kimberly Boss

More interest in skating thanks to Olympic bronze Kimberly Boss

She is the first Dutch woman ever to win an Olympic medal in bobsledding: Kimberly Boss (29). As winter approaches, the bobsleigh federation is seeing a surge of new members. This is also known as the “Kimberley effect”. But who is the woman behind the medal anyway? Meet our woman this week.

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Kimberly Boss is Woman of the Week

No one has ever preceded her: a Dutch Olympic skeleton bronze medalist. Kimberly did it, almost on his own without any support. Skateboarding is small. The BSBN is the smallest sports federation in the Netherlands. Even smarter, Kimberley Bos managed to win a bronze medal in PyeongChang this past February.

In 2009, I accidentally skied on a sports day. Turns out she was a real talent, and she chose to continue in bobsleigh, but after three years in bobsleigh, she switched to single bobsleigh, Skeleton. To slide on a winding ice rink on your stomach at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour, you need to have a lot of courage and perseverance. Kimberly got it, and he had more at just the right time to get to the Olympic podium. Something no Dutch bobsleigh athlete could imitate. Her unique win makes Kimberley a strong and handsome example to many young athletes, and indeed to anyone who has ever dreamed of something they never thought possible.

Kimberley effect

Where most of the top athletes in this category are born in winter sports countries such as Austria, Switzerland or Italy, BSBN is now also seeing Dutch recruitment growing. de Volkskrant This is also known as the “Kimberley effect”. Because of Kimberley Bos, the skeleton and mass sled is officially on the map in the Netherlands. The new athletes have finally set an example and her success is literally pushing the sport forward in the Netherlands. For the first time, the bobsleigh federation has already received a sponsor for the next four years on its way to the Olympics. Previously, this was only possible during the tournament itself. This opens new doors to the professionalization of the sport. For example, there will be a new skeleton runway at Papendal, something Kimberley Bos hasn’t done for three years. It should be clear: Kimberly’s influence extends beyond what you probably imagine.

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