More airstrikes on Gaza after incendiary balloons

More airstrikes on Gaza after incendiary balloons

Israel carried out airstrikes in the Gaza Strip from Thursday night through Friday. The Israeli army stated that it came in response to the launching of so-called incendiary balloons from the area in the past three days. As far as is known, no deaths have been reported, the Associated Press reported.

The air strike was the second since the ceasefire signed last month between the Israeli army and Hamas after the outbreak of the conflict. He. She The countries of the Israeli army Fired at military targets, including a missile launcher. Shortly after the bombing, the air raid sirens sounded in Israel, possibly due to objects being fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military says it is preparing for “various scenarios,” including a return to hostilities. In the Night from Tuesday to Wednesday Israel also bombed the Gaza Strip in response to the incendiary balloons.


In May, 242 were killed in 11 days of fighting between the Israeli army and Hamas, according to the United Nations. During that period, thousands of rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip, most of which were brought down by Israeli anti-aircraft fire.

from New Israeli government حكومة Led by Naftali Bennett, who took office on Sunday, this week has been right to deal with a lot of tensions. Last Tuesday, a The controversial march of science organized, as Israeli nationalists marched through East Jerusalem in protest. In the lead-up to this, 27 were injured when police fired rubber bullets at Palestinian protesters.

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