Mons Nazarali of Action News is being held by the police

Mons Nazarali of Action News is being held by the police

Mons Nazarali of Action Nieuws Suriname was arrested on Tuesday after coordinating with the Suriname Public Prosecution Service. This is due to insult and false suspicion from two high-ranking police officers.

He was charged with insulting two police officers, the Regional Commissioner of Western Police Himantkoymar Sarjoy and Regional Police Chief Daphne Layfield, Chief Inspector of Police. In addition to defamation, Mons also suspects false suspicion, libel charges, and public disorder.

Mons recently expressed his opinion on the fine of 120,000 Saudi riyals that five fishermen have to pay for catching tilapia for their own consumption in Big Pan. It was believed that the fine was too high for the crime. According to him, the regional commander Sardjo uses double standards and deliberately deceives the little man. Mons has also said that Sardjo and Leeveld do free shopping at several supermarkets in Neckeri.

During the recent protest of rice farmers at the Henar Bridge, Mons also made several comments about the irregularities taking place in the area, with police officers, in this case, Sardjo, in contact with the underworld.

The regional commander deeply resented Mons for this and accused him of dragging his good name and dignity into the mud. Mons is still in custody.

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