Modern man learned from Neanderthals, not the other way around.

For example, we’ve known for some time that Neanderthals developed special technologies, such as shipping, long before our own species. And this year, researchers conclusively proved that Neanderthals could speak. So he had language.

Another idea, published in Nature, deserves more attention. German archaeologists have found a bone from the leg of a giant deer. A peculiar drawing is carved on the bone: six straight lines together form several V-shaped figures. It is clear that the cracks were not created accidentally, for example by the teeth of a predator.

The researchers initially thought about human makers until they discovered the age of the fossil. The drawing turned out to be 51,000 years old. It was a long time before people lived in Europe. But Neanderthals have been around for a long time.

Archaeologists also found objects made by Neanderthals in the same cave where they found the bone. They argue that it is an intentional verb that has a symbolic meaning. They even call it one of the most complex forms of Neanderthal cultural expression. Therefore, they rightly suggest that we should rethink our view of these hominids in relation to humans. The notion that our species has transferred its intelligent ideas and culture to other species is incorrect. Today, there is reason to say that it is quite the opposite. Would we be where we are today without Neanderthal input?

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