Moderate Republicans will see political chaos with shame.

Moderate Republicans will see political chaos with shame.

Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives after four days and fifteen rounds of voting.Jose Luis Magana/AP Photo

Hi Maral, The political scene in the United States has been watched in awe from all over the world. How did the Americans experience it themselves?

In the US, you have a C-Span TV channel, a kind of Politics24, where you can follow all the discussions live. It is usually very boring and few people watch it; But last week, they had more viewers than they’ve had in ages. More than a million people have followed the channel.

How people experienced it depends largely on how people view Republicans. Many Democrats would enjoy the chaos within the party. They point out that this is what happens when the party brings in extremist personalities. It was also remarkable that the Democrats themselves made it clear during the voting rounds that they stand firmly behind their candidate.

I think moderate Republicans are deeply ashamed of this mess. But many far-right voters will be pleased with the uprising of the insurgents within the party and the attention they have received.

How has the political crisis of the past week affected Americans’ confidence in politics?

“It has not happened in more than a hundred years that the House of Representatives has not been able to function immediately. This has a direct social impact. Members of the House of Representatives are important points of contact for citizens in their district. But since they have not yet been sworn in, they cannot do anything for the people.” .

Regardless, this is not good for confidence in the GOP. The party has been fighting internal divisions for years. It really started when a large group of politicians were elected from the Obama-era Tea Party movement. They spent years antagonizing moderate Republicans. The same has been true of ultra-conservative Republicans since Trump. With obstacles and chaos they are trying to achieve their goal.

This works well for them. They generate a lot of interest, and we write about them, too. Stirring up trouble, many people now know the names of the reps like Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boppert. They receive donations of money from voters. Many have never heard of the hundreds of other members of Congress working in the background on content. I think many Americans would like to see the House of Representatives really talk about this content again.”

How far will Republicans be affected by last week’s chaos?

McCarthy may be Speaker of the House, but he’s had to give up a lot for it. As a result, the radical group, though a minority, is more or less the winner. It is very difficult to get everyone familiar with one.

In addition, Republican insurgents forced a congressman to pass a vote of no confidence in Amplifiers can offer. This makes managing the house more difficult. Any decision the extremist group does not like, they will threaten it. And if the motion is advanced, it is, of course, tempting for Democrats to vote to complete the mess. This now hangs constantly over McCarthy’s head.

The footage showed some Republican representatives almost flying at each other. Are things still going well with relationships at home?

Most Republicans are not waiting for the extremist group at all. Even the right-wing Fox News anchors, when they interviewed some of the insurgent members, indicated that they were fed up. This opposition can also moderate their tone. Some already do.

They risk becoming completely isolated. For example, we’ve seen Marjorie Taylor Greene, the alt-right representative from the Trump camp, move a little more toward the moderate Republicans. A few years ago, no one would have expected this.

Moreover, this week of political crisis has also brought something good. Usually hundreds of members of the House of Representatives do not get together for a very long time. They often do not know each other. Now they had to spend four days and fifteen rounds together. I’ve seen pictures of Democrats and Republicans chatting anyway. In a strange way, this chaos may have also led to communication.

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