'Model Y in the Netherlands later this year'

‘Model Y in the Netherlands later this year’

The first copies of the Tesla Model Y are likely to be offered in the Netherlands this year. Leasing company and Tesla expert Mr. Green Electric expects this.

The Model Y for Europe is expected to roll out production line at Tesla’s new Ziga plant in Berlin later this year, but production will not begin until 2022. The carmaker is also facing problems in the Chinese factory. So the question is whether we can still offer an electric shortcut in Europe this year.


According to Mr. Green Electric Lease, co-founder of the leasing company and a Tesla expert, it will operate. “We suspect that he is from the United States and that Tesla will again prioritize the Netherlands and Norway and will bring most of the Model Voice here by the end of this year,” he says. National Auto Show.


Model Y is an important model for Tesla. Shrubs also notice this. Orders for the SUV are coming to the leasing company. “Thirty percent of our intake is currently Model Y,” he says.

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