Mobile version of Google Street View gets functionality to look at ‘past tense’ – IT Pro – News

Google offers Street View feature on Android and iOS with the ability to view old photos. It is already possible from the browser. In some places, it is possible to look back as far as 15 years. Google is also showing off a new built-in Street View camera.

New Street View Camera

You can view old photos on Street View on Android and iOS by tapping on the Street View image and then selecting Show More Dates. At the bottom of the screen, old photos of the same place appear, google writes

Google is also showing off a new camera that will be used next year to take new photos in more places. The camera module weighs 7kg and is much smaller than current Street View cameras on cars, but according to Google, it offers the same image quality. The unit can also be used in remote locations where cars cannot reach it. Google does not provide technical details about the camera.

In the past 15 years, Google has taken 220 billion Street View photos. This happened in more than a hundred countries. Street View has been available in the Netherlands since 2009, and the country ranks 20th most viewed on Google. The top three are Indonesia, the United States and Japan. Belgium is not among the top twenty.

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