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The point is, it’s been stated in the EULA for years that this isn’t allowed, and they’re going to enforce it from now on.

Besides, this is already against the rules since at least 2012. Mojang has yet to clearly state whether this will also apply to private servers.

For example, if we look at this page:

I don’t know if this page has been updated for Java yet, but how it works on Bedrock at the moment:

Specifically, our highly trained moderation personnel investigate the most egregious abuses in servers and public premium realms (please see Realms End User License Agreement). Personal realms will not be reviewed.

So it only concerns the Premium servers (the servers that Mojang promotes, so this should be safe for kids) and Realms (the servers hosted by the user’s Mojang). What exactly falls under ‘Personal Realms’ is a bit vague, but I’m guessingRd Users self-hosted LAN worlds and servers.

So if I understand correctly, private servers are correct Not Within this scheme, this is not the case for Bedrock, so I don’t understand why they provide this for Java?

In this article, I don’t see any links to a source within Mojang that conflict with this and only see buzz from the community assuming this would also apply to private servers.

All in all, I think this article is purely speculative, and there is no official report on it from Mojang yet.

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