Millionaire drives 417 kilometers per hour on the German highway and escapes from it

Millionaire drives 417 kilometers per hour on the German highway and escapes from it

The Czech millionaire, who raced at 417 kilometers per hour on the German highway last summer and posted his video on the Internet, is not punished for this. There is no speed limit along the highway as it has reached its top speed. German prosecutors investigated the case anyway, but the investigation has now shown that 58-year-old Radim Baser did not break any other rule.

Many Dutch motorists are well aware: the fact that Germany has vast expanses of motorways without a top speed does not mean that everything is allowed there.

For example, racing is prohibited, but Passer was driving alone. Another rule states that – no matter how fast you are – you may not endanger other road users, but the millionaire has thought about that, too. He timed and prepared for the moment he hit the throttle from his Bugatti Chiron to the ground.

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He was driving early in the morning when there was no other traffic on the road. He also waited until a whole day with perfect weather conditions and perfect visibility. The road itself was three lanes, dead straight, and sloping slightly to the bottom so it could see ahead.


Finally, it was also difficult to say that the car was in danger of becoming uncontrollable: the Bugatti Chiron was built to reach such speeds while maintaining driving comfort, so that the driver did not need any special driving skills.

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This is what his trip looked like:

The Public Prosecution Office cannot do otherwise Then the case was dismissedn. German broadcaster MDR Sachsen writes. “There is no speed limit on this road, so it has not been exceeded,” the public prosecutor told the radio. “It’s up to the politicians to set the rules for that. This is not our job.”

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