Microsoft will remove Internet Explorer 11 via the February Edge update

Microsoft will release an update for Edge in February that will permanently disable Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 systems. This does not happen, as was originally intended, with Windows Update.

Microsoft enters an update Learn more about phasing out and disabling Internet Explorer. The company has been around longer Support stoppedbut now there are more details on how to remove it permanently.

On February 14, Microsoft will release an update for Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. Initially, IE11 will be disabled via Windows Update, but it’s done via the browser anyway. According to Microsoft, this is to provide a “better user experience” and better support organizations in migrating users.

With the update, all Internet Explorer 11 installations still running will automatically be redirected to Edge. Microsoft cares, too tips for Policies initialization Which removes IE11 as an icon from the taskbar or start menu. The company will do so definitively in June next year. Internet Explorer 11 icons were removed during the monthly update cycle on June 13.

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