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It’s easy in itself that you can quickly switch between different cameras, which sometimes comes in handy when you’re meeting several people in front of one computer. But I also think that MS should get started first to make MS Teams more accessible. Especially in the field of management, not everything is logical and practical.

Regarding the layout, I find it very impractical, for example, to have a number of control buttons in the upper right and you have to move the mouse up each time. During many online meetings, the rule is often that people who are not talking mute their microphones. So you have to go to the top right corner every time, which is very annoying and definitely counter-intuitive. There is a key combination for this, but then you have to press 3 keys at the same time, which is also impractical.

Also, participating in meetings is not always practical, especially when you want to invite guests. People first have to fill in everything if they want to participate even though you have opened a channel as an admin. I must have missed something and there are better ways but this takes a lot of work. Work in the sense that first you have to read the long brochures or spend hours searching for brochures on Youtube.

But yes, compared to other chat software, it is true that MS Teams is extensive and offers many possibilities. At least, it must be said that it depends on the operating system and this is especially true for people who use Windows and the Office package.

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