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Sigh, you can’t and shouldn’t look like that. Forget to take copies with you just to make your list correct and give a colorful presentation.

XP was not good at all. It was met with a lot of criticism. It required a fairly modern and powerful system, many devices were not well supported, not stable and riddled with vulnerabilities. Only with SP2 and SP3 did it become a powerful operating system and its reputation owes mainly to the late arrival of a successor. Had MS been able to release the planned new release in time, we would have collected XP in the same stack as Me.

Vista had a similar bad start, but for the same reasons as XP. Significant modifications made many drivers incompatible. Almost all problems were eventually resolved. The only thing they couldn’t fix in Vista because it was too deep into the OS was the slow copy jobs.

And where is Windows 8.1 on your list? This was also a full version. And while you can say a lot about the start menu with Windows 8, it was a very good operating system with few complaints. disastrous? So I didn’t think so.

And Windows 10 okay? In the early years, and I still do today, I heard many complaints about it.

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