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This will only be in “Home” versions. I don’t think they will do that in the commercial versions. I haven’t seen him there yet.

The automatic preinstallation – or enforcement – of modern user interface applications by Microsoft is part of a service that provides a Windows User Experience; Connected Windows User Experience; Hot etc.
Previously, this could be disabled in Pro and “better” SKUs via a registry key.
MS stopped doing this a few years ago and in anything that is not an institution or educational SKU, the presence or absence of the specified registry key is completely ignored and this service is always on.
There is no point in turning it off manually. MS is happy to re-enable it as part of protecting “system critical” services at the next periodic check; At least once a week, I thought – usually sooner.

To be honest, MS has been slowly but surely making Pro licenses completely worthless in terms of upgrading compared to Home licenses by eliminating all kinds of features. They clearly didn’t like that consumers who knew the ropes chose eggs for their money with the Pro license.

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