Microsoft shares details about the “next generation” of Windows on June 24 – Computer – News

Windows 10 has much more business, for example you did not have 4K video in the past and FullHD was already very heavy. The number of “viruses” has also increased over the years.

There are now a lot of user benefit functionality out there, you probably don’t.
XP was leaking like a basket and I remember that time when I saw computers full of spyware/malware where you don’t see that often with Windows 10.

Windows 10 “cleans” RAM only if it’s necessary for an app, high RAM doesn’t have to mean rude, Windows 10 also has prefetch/superfetch, for example, As things are cached in the background so that you as a user can start the application faster.

Otherwise, you have to go back to Windows 3.11. If that’s what you think, 8MB of RAM was enough, you should see how “old” Windows XP is, Windows 3.11 already has an internet connection.

Also with all updates XP is not what it used to be when there were no updates on it.
Windows XP was also pretty heavy in the initial stage and everyone thought it was bullshit that you needed 256MB of RAM to run decently, then everyone else was on Windows 98 and that was great and fast.

This time it repeats itself over and over.

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