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I’ve worked with all operating systems myself (my previous work laptop was a Macbook, I’ve run Manjaro on my current work laptop for a while, but now Windows 11 is working on it again).

All operating systems have their issues and drawbacks – I wasn’t able to be as productive on a Mac as I did on Windows, and needed a lot of tools to do the most basic things (eg, capture windows). My Mac also couldn’t handle my super fast screen, which also made it quite uncomfortable. Your Mac may occasionally reboot randomly for patches that may take 45 minutes to install.

At Manjaro, I always had to juggle a lot to get certain things. Zoom crashes regularly (an issue all of my Linux colleagues have as well), battery drains very quickly, and I have problems with drivers and laptop features not working.

So I have definitely used other operating systems, more than enough. The reason I’m sure Windows 11 now has nothing to do with Stockholm Syndrome.
The new Windows Terminal, which has been around for more than 3 years, also works perfectly and is very practical to use. So, I open the tabs directly in PowerShell, WSL Linux, or whatever I want.
I don’t have any issues with Office Thrive myself (I don’t think I’ve seen anything other than a request to start a trial). I also don’t see any Candy Crush or Netflix pre-installed on my PC… On Windows 10 this was already the case, but in Windows 11, there’s nothing else to see.
Windows Updates are no longer the brutality they used to be.

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Infer from your answer that you haven’t worked with Windows for a long time, and you certainly haven’t worked with Windows 11 yet. Quite understandable, given your bad experiences, but sometimes it is necessary to know if something has improved or not: sometimes things can effectively change and improve.

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