Microsoft provides details on Windows 10 21H1 upgrade with new Hello – Computer – News

The idea of ​​copying has been abandoned because it causes so many problems in the perpetual internet world.

After all, since the entire IT world is moving faster than ever and everything has to talk to each other, even the simplest user is constantly making new demands on their OS. For example, Windows 7 doesn’t support Ryzen, the first Win 10 releases don’t support Ryzen either. And there are 101 things that need to be modified or added, whether it’s for security, hardware support, printer support, new sleep states for better battery savings, or anything else.

The idea for the release was at its peak with XP and Vista, since enterprise customers weren’t keen on rolling out every release due to so much trouble, they had taken XP for a long time to release a massive new release in one go. The problem with this kind of big hype is that people changed a lot suddenly, the user was no longer a supervisor, the driver model was completely changed, the audio model was completely modified, 64-bit support (there was already 64-bit XP but never got it come ), And continued. The OS itself was pretty good when it was introduced, especially in comparison to XP at release but everything around it, third-party drivers and third-party software, by the time they finally got along with all these innovations, Vista had already cursed its name into the worst OS At all and MS immediately decided to convert it to Windows 7, because the difference between Vista and 7 is very small.

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Besides this, people have to respond faster and faster to the always connected world, the idea of ​​the release no longer works, and you can no longer wait years to properly cover the security leak as it requires major modifications as you used to come with a new operating system. Windows 10 should really become just Windows just like if you don’t have Whatsapp 2014, whatsapp 2016 or whatsapp 2018, you only have small Whatsapp updates constantly. So MS is constantly releasing small upgrades to Windows 10 so that people can respond quickly to new requirements as they do it step by step, then the printer support is processed, now the hello is processed and the next time they process something different, but always in small quantities so that it remains Everything is manageable for both MS and 3rd party.

Android is moving to the same paradigm, more and more, as more and more parts are run through the Playstore with the ultimate goal of doing the same thing, you have Android and no longer Android 9, 10 or 11. Apple is still fully functional version story, if one wants to make An update for the “contact app”, it should roll out a full IOS update with all the trimmings although I suspect Apple is also working behind the scenes to stay away from this but in my country nothing is publicly known about it yet.

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